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the firefighting vest VIPER
20L 25L

The firefighting vest VIPER is designed and manufactured without compromises. In its design we put all our experiences we have gained from the development of our first model of firefighting backpack Ermak 20 which is on the market since 2004 and is used by professional firefighters and volunteers in the Czech Republic, many countries in EU and beyond its borders. The firefighting vest VIPER is designed in Czech Republic, manufactured in our workshop and with our hands!

Made in EU

The firefighting vest VIPER is made in Czech Republic, in our factory and with our hands.


We have more than 10 years experiences in manufacturing of the firefighting backpacks.


As manufacturer we provide warranty and post-warranty service including the supply of spare parts.

The firefighting vest VIPER serves for fighting of small fires, blazing of forest undergrowth and as equipment of patrols after fire liquidation or during burning the brushwood following the forest exploitation. It is a suitable equipment of fire tankers, off-road vehicles during visual inspections of forest grounds in dry months or as prevention the combine harvesters during harvests.

The firefighting vest VIPER is a part of our complete series of firefighting backpacks. When designing of COBRA, special emphasis has been placed on the quality and comfort while maintaining a simple construction. The base is single-layer design with robust PES fabric coated by PVC in yellow color for great visibility. This design guarantee even distribution of the weight of water around the entire body. It ensures ideal stability in heavy terrain and prevents overloading.


The more features inherited from brothers from ERMAK series. Double action handheld pump with surface finish offers very light stroke. The handheld pump is terminated by metal nozzle for regulation of flow and is equipped with the foam inductor. The dorsal pad guarantees comfort and protects yours back against the cold water. The comfortable harness system guarantees comfort and offers wide range of settings for yours backs. The harness system is consists of fully adjustable wide shoulder, waist and sternum straps. It guarantees the great stability in hard terrain. The large cap enables easy filling of water without removing. The big plasic handle for easy handling with filled backpack. The trasnport bag for storage.

Technical data

Tank volume [l]
Width [mm]
Height [mm]
Weight [kg]
Spraying distance
Full flow [m]
Shower plain flow [m]
Foam extension
Full flow [m]
Track diameter [cm]

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