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the collapsible bucket BUCKET 15

Made in EU

The collapsible bucket BUCKET 15 is made in Czech Republic, in our factory and with our hands.


We have more than 10 years experiences in manufacturing of the firefighting backpacks.


As manufacturer we provide warranty and post-warranty service including the supply of spare parts.

BUCKET 15 is collapsible water container, which is always at hand during intervention and, thanks to its construction, requires a minimum of space. Its use is very fast - just expand and fill with water.

BUCKET 15 is made from robust PES fabric coated by PVC in yellow color for great visibility. This design and used fabric quarantee long life, good washability and storability.

BUCKET 15 has a volume of 15 liters. It is equipped with a large strap for easy handling. The reinforced top rim quarantees a stable shape during filling and handling.

BUCKET 15 is designed for interventions where you need to transport smaller amount of water or bulk material. It is ideal for forest fires, where you can refill our firefighting backpacks ERMAK with water from a strean or other water source. You can use it as a container for liquids or bulk materials - absorbents.


Technical data

Height [mm]
Diamater [mm]
Weight [g]
Tank volume [l]

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